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San Fernando Accommodations


Area Code: 075

  • Oasis Country Resort Hotel, a Class “AAA” resort at the Oasis Center, National Highway, Brgy. Sevilla, has 34 aircon rooms with bath,  Union, 50-pax Ilocos Sur, 50-pax Ilocos Norte and 12-pax Sevilla), 20 automated bowling lanes, billiards, table tennis and a gas station.  Tel: 242-5621-29, 242-5631, 242-1470 & 242-5886-93.  Fax 242-5610, 725-5443, 700-3576 & 242-1469.  Manila booking office: Oasis Hell Service Center, Ortigas Ave. corner Connecticut St., Greenhills, San Juan City.  Tel: (632) 723-3304 & 725-5453. Fax: 725-5443.
  • Acapulco Beach Resort, a Class “AA” resort in Brgy. San Francisco, has 36 aircon rooms with bath (nine double and 27 twin, PhP650-800), restaurant, bar, lounge, conference hall, curio shop, picnic sheds, multi-purpose hall, outdoor and indoor sports equipment and offers shuttle service.  Tel: 242-5696 & 888-2696-97.
  • La Mer Resort, a Class “AA” resort in Brgy. Carlatan, has 29 aircon rooms with bath and two duplex cottages (one two-room and one three-room).  Tel: 700-4328 & 888-3419.  Fax: 242-3621 & 888-3331.  Cel: (0919) 390-3591.
  • Miramonte Beach Resort, a Class “AA” resort along Pennsylvania Ave. in Brgy. Poro, has 16 rooms (7 aircon double, 2 non-aircon, five quadruple and a 3-room cottage), restaurant, pavilion, conference room and curio/souvenir shop.  Tel: 888-4408.


  • Blue Lagoon Resort, a Class “A” resort along Airport Road in Brgy. Canaoay, has 11 aircon rooms with bath (double, twin and family, PhP850-1,600), restaurant, coffee shop, bar, 30 to 50-pax conference room, picnic sheds and offers diving and windsurfing.  Tel; 888-2531 & 242-0324.
  • Carille Terrace, a tourist inn at Rillera Seaside Village in Brgy. Carlatan, 2.5 kms. from downtown, has 1 aircon (tower), 7 double aircon with TV, 4 4-pax air-con family, nine air-con triple, 10 2-4-pax room, 18-pax bungalows, 13-pax bungalow and a two-room beach house (10-pax).  It also has a restaurant, coffee shop, 4  function rooms and multi-purpose hall.  Tel: 888-2521.
  • Citigate Hotel (tourist inn, tel: 888-3418).
  • Hotel Mikka, an economy-class hotel along Quezon Ave., has 43 aircon rooms with bath and TV (17 single, 15 twin, 6 double and 5 family, PhP625 to PhP1,250), restaurant and bar (Gathering), function room, music lounge and offers currency exchange.  Tel: 700-5336, 242-5737 & 700-5737.   Fax: 242-2688 & 700-5773.  Cel: (0917) 564-0148.
  • Plaza Hotel, a tourist inn along Quezon Ave., has nine non-aircon rooms with bath (single, twin, triple and quadruple) and 34 aircon rooms with bath (twin, double, triple, de luxe, suite).  It also has a coffee shop and gift shop.  Tel: 888-2996 & 242-2296.  Fax: 888-4938.  Cel: (0918) 456-0628.
  • Sea and Sky Hotel, an economy-class hotel along the National Highway in Brgy. Pagdaraonan, has 368 aircon rooms with bath and cable TV (single, double, suites with fridge, PhP700-2,695).  It also has a restaurant with balcony, three function rooms, multi-purpose hall, swimming pool with sundeck, travel agency and billiards.  Tel: 242-5579, 888-0590, 888-0088 & 888-5279-80.  Fax: 242-3869 & 888-5703.
  • Sea Park Beach Resort, a Class “A” resort at the Shipside Housing Area, Brgy. San Francisco, has 12 aircon rooms with bath, restaurant, bar, picnic sheds and camping ground.  Tel: 888-3411 to 44.
  • Sunset Bay Swiss Beach Resort, a Class “A” resort at Brgy. Canaoay, has aircon rooms with bath (PhP700+) and a restaurant.  Tel: 888-4843.  Fax: 242-0285.  Cel: (0919) 405-9902.
  • “Y” Foods and Inn, a tourist inn at Brgy. Parian, has 20 aircon rooms with bath (single, double, triple and twin) and a restaurant.  Tel: 242-2711.


  • Golden Heaven Beach Resort, a special interest resort along California Ave. at Brgy. Pagdaraoan, has three air-con 3-room cottages, one non-air-con three-room cottage, two two-room cottages and one triple air-con room.  It also has a pavilion, canteen and picnic sheds.  Tel: 888-3517, 888-4253 & 700-4925.
  • Bayview Hotel, at Capitol Hill along Gapuz Zigzag Road, near Museo La Union, has 15 rooms with bath (two air-con double, six air-con single and seven non-air-con), restaurant, conference room and disco.  Tel: 888-2025.
  • D' Guesthouse at the End of the Road, a lodging house along Philippine Navy Rd. in Brgy. Poro, has 30 non-air-con rooms.  Tel: 888-2133 & 888-3411.
  • Hotel Casa Blanca, along Rizal St., has non-air-con single/double rooms with common bath and air-con and non-air-con double rooms with bath.  Tel: 242-5775 & 888-3132.
  • Jasmin Hotel and Restaurant, a lodging house along Quezon Ave. in Brgy. Sevilla, has 13 air-con and non-air-con double rooms with bath) dining room and multi-purpose hall.  Tel: 242-2559 & 888-2459.
  • Mandarin House Hotel and Restaurant, along Quezon Ave., has 23 rooms (13 air-con double, four double with common bath, four ordinary with common bath and two with bath), restaurant and conference room.  Tel: 888-2424, 700-4588, 885-5309 & 242-2828. Fax: 242-0461.
  • Seaside Lodging House, at 323 Rizal Ave., has 16 rooms.
  • California Beach Cottages, in Brgy. Pagudpud, has cottages, picnic sheds and canteen.  Tel: 700-1375 & 242-3317.  Fax: 700-4950.
  • Driftwood Beach Resort, at the Shipside Housing in Brgy. Poro, has a building with six air-con rooms with bath and a restaurant.  Tel: 242-3411 & 888-4525.
  • Oceana Apartel, at Brgy. Carlatan, two kms. north of the city, has 31 apartments with air-con and cooking facilities (PhP600-1,200).  Tel: 242-3611-13.
  • Ocean Deep, in Brgy. San Francisco, has eight non-air-con rooms with bath (three family, four double and one single, PhP250-350).
  • Salanga's Beach Cottages, a lodging house at Brgy. Pagudpud, has two air-con and 11 non-air-con rooms with bath, restaurant, pavilion and picnic sheds.  Tel: 242-3802.
  • Shalom Beach Cottages, along Sto. Niño Rd., Brgy. Lingsat, opposite the cemetery, has non-air-con rooms with cooking facilities and fridge and cottages with terrace (PhP350). Tel: 888-5729.
  • Clarissa Jade Resort - (tel: 242-7550)
  • Coral Point Beach Resort - Brgy. Canaoay
  • Fel-Flor Lodge - San Fernando Beach Road
  • Go Inn (motel) - Brgy. San Vicente
  • Golden Sunset Bay Lodge - California Ave., Brgy. Canaoay (tel: 242-0235)
  • Lady Maritess Inn - (cel: 0915-7932448)
  • Let’s Go Resort – Mabini (tel: 888-4444)
  • Lorenzo Beach House & Restaurant - San Vicente St., Brgy. Canaoay (tel: 888-5404)
  • Loversville Pension House & Restaurant - 123 Ma-cho Temple Road (tel: 242-1104)
  • Master Hotel - P. Burgos St. (tel: 242-1029)
  • Meridian Beach Cottages - Brgy. Pagudpud (tel: 888-5401)
  • Natalia Beach Homes
  • Ramon and Delfina Resort (special interest resort) – (tel: 700-0589)
  • Rio Grande Hotel - 284 Rizal Ave.
  • Ritz Apartelle (motel) - Brgy. Canaoay)
  • Rosalia Beach Resort

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