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Tagbilaran (BOHOL) Accommodations


Area Code: 038

  • Bohol Tropics Resort Club, a standard-class hotel along Graham Ave., near Hotel La Roca, has 45 aircon rooms with bath, phone, cable TV and fridge (10 standard twin, 18 super twin, 11 executive de luxe, 6 superior, PhP2,150-3,150), 2 presidential suites with fridge (PhP5,350), and waterfront cottages.  It also has restaurants (Le-Eng Chinese Cuisine, Seglim Seafood City), coffee shop (Café Atanacio), bar (Flamingo), disco (Lazer), music lounge (Club J), 1,000-pax grand ballroom (Sandugo), three function rooms (Harbor View, Bay View), videoke (Club J), three swimming pools, poolside bar, health club (PRT gym), game hall, children's playground, souvenir shop, 18-hole mini-golf course, tennis court, dive shops (Blue Coral, Sierra Madre) and offers safety deposit box, laundry, transport and room service.  Tel: 411-3510-14, 411-2134 & 411-2529.   Fax: 411-3019.
  • The Metro Center Hotel and Convention Center, at corner of C.P.G. and North Ave., has 70 aircon rooms with bath, fridge and cable TV (standard, superior, de luxe, family, penthouse suite, presidential suite, PhP1,400-7,950).  It also has a specialty restaurant (The Lounge), bar (Asiatika Bar and Grill), swimming pool, convention/banquet facilities, six function rooms, business center, cinema, disco (Atmosphere’s), KTV lounge, fitness center, jacuzzi, video games, sauna and offers currency exchange, airport and seaport transfer, car rental, tours, safety deposit box, dry cleaning, laundry and 24-hour room service.  Tel: 411-2599, 411-5875, 235-5512, 501-7561 & 411-2599.  Fax: 411-5866. Cebu City booking office: Tel: 254-0449.  Fax: (032) 253-9827.  Manila booking office: Tel: 724-1051-52.  Fax: 724-0538.


  • Bohol La Roca Hotel, an economy-class hotel, is located on the northern edge of the town near the airport and behind Kaingit Beach. It has 25 aircon rooms with bath and TV (13 standard single/twin and 12 de luxe double/twin and junior/executive suites with TV, PhP850-2,160).  It also has restaurants (the 150-pax Grand Baybayon, Isla Poolside Patio), coffee shop (Cafe de Bohol), convention hall (Isla), four 25-200-pax function rooms, business center, souvenir shop (Payag Bol-anon), swimming pool, cliff viewdeck and offers tours, shuttle and laundry service.  Tel: 411-3179, 501-9400 and 411-3796-98.  Fax: 411-3009 and 501-9298.  Manila booking office: 105-B Celery Drive, Valle Verde 5, Pasig City.  Fax: (632) 634-2029.
  • Gie Gardens Hotel, an economy-class hotel at 18 M. H. del Pilar St. cor. Carlos P. Garcia Ave., has 20 aircon single/double rooms with bath, second floor restaurant, bar, lobby coffee shop, dining and conference hall, business center, gift shop and offers laundry, babysitting, car rental and room service.  Tel: 411-2031 & 411-3182.    Manila booking office: Fax: (632) 536- 1057.
  • Island Leisure Inn, a tourist inn at Ilaw International Center, Brgy. Bool, has 20 aircon single/double rooms with bath (standard, de luxe), four non-aircon single/double rooms with bath, dormitory, open-air restaurant, bar, disco, auditorium, basketball court and dive shop (Beach Bums).  Tel: 411-2482.
  • Meridian Hotel, an economy-class hotel at No. 4 S. Matig-a St., has 22 aircon rooms with bath (standard single/double, superior single, double and de luxe single/double, PhP650-950), restaurant, piano bar, swimming pool and three function rooms.  Tel: 411-3123 & 411-3060.  Fax: 411-4524 and 411-3615.
  • Soledad Suites, at Lou Square, cor.  J.C. Borja and M. Parras Sts., has 20 aircon rooms with bath, minibar, NDD/IDD phone and cable TV (business suite, superior suite, de luxe suite, premier, PhP2,000-3,200).  It also has a coffee shop (Brewpoint Coffee Club), bar (Brewpoint Restobar), function rooms and offers laundry, valet, mailing, tours and travel assistance, currency exchange and airport transfers.  Tel: 411-3074 and 501-7421.  Fax: 411-2117.
  • Wregent Plaza Hotel, along CPG Ave., has aircon rooms with bath, fridge, phone and cable TV (standard, de luxe, suite, PhP800-1,400).  It also has a coffee shop, 80-pax function hall and 30-pax conference room and offers laundry, van rental, airport/seaport transfer, safety deposit boxes, tours and room service.  Tel: 411-3144, 411-3971 and 411-3951.
  • Vest Pension House, along Tamblot Extn., Cogon District, has aircon rooms with bath, phone and cable TV (de luxe, deluxe twin, suite, family room, executive suite, PhP1,150-2,400). It also has a restaurant, bar and offers safety deposit boxes, shuttle, airport transfers, laundry and 24-hr. room service.  Tel: 501-8079, 235-6246 and 411-4835.


  • BSAT Hometel, at G/F, Bohol School of Arts & Trade, C.P.G. Ave., has 5 rooms (aircon rooms with bath and non-aircon rooms with common bath) and a coffee shop.  Tel: 235-3173.
  • Captain's Manor Pension House, at 26 Lamdagan St., Cogon, has 5 aircon rooms (double, family), restaurant and sing-along karaoke bar.  Tel: 411-3402.
  • Carolandia Resort, at 45 Graham Ave., by the sea, has 14 cottages with bath (2 aircon and 12 non-aircon), private beach, restaurant (Verandah Carolina), bar and offers laundry and pressing services.  Tel: 411-3435 & 411-3445.  Fax: 411-3426.
  • Casa Juana, at 2/F, JJ's Foodstream, Carlos P. Garcia Ave., has 7 aircon rooms with bath (two single, three double, two family), 3 non-aircon single rooms with bath, restaurant and bar.  Tel: 411-3306 & 411-2683.
  • Charisma Lodge, at 2/F, E. Butalid Bldg., C.P.G. Ave., has 9 non-aircon rooms with or without bath, 8 aircon double/twin rooms with bath, restaurant, roof garden and offers room service.  Tel: 411-3094.
  • Chriscent Ville Pension House, at No. 6 C. Gallares St., has 24 aircon rooms with bath and TV (standard single/double, de luxe single/double, executive, suite), coffee shop, gift shop and offers safety deposit box, shuttle, laundry and room service.  Tel: 411-2973, 411-3070, 411-4029 & 411-4365.  Fax: 411-4028.
  • City Lodge, along E. Jacinto St., has 34 non-aircon single/double rooms.  Tel: 411-3251.
  • City Lodge II, along Miguel Paras St., has 36 aircon and non-aircon single/double rooms.  Tel: 411-2190.
  • City Lodge III, along F. Lesage St., near the park, has 22 non-aircon single/double rooms.  Tel: 235-4337.
  • CT Pension Hauz, at 3/F, Sarabia-Co-Torralba Bldg., C.P.G. Ave., has 10 non-aircon rooms with common bath and 2 aircon rooms with bath.  Tel: 411-3072.
  • Dumadag Farms, at Taloto District, has 8 dorm-type cottages, chapel and convention facilities.  Tel: 411-5466 & 411-3162.
  • East Coast Tourist Inn - Miguel Parras St. (tel: 501-7210)
  • El Portal Inn, at C. Torralba Bldg. 56 Belderol St., Cogon District, has 15 aircon rooms with bath, phone and cable TV (standard, double, family room, PhP750-1,250). It also has a restaurant, 2 function rooms and offers laundry, tour assistance, shuttle, wifi, NDD/IDD fax service and 24-hr. customer service.  Tel: 411-2124 and 501-0744. Fax: 411-3579.
  • Everglory Lodge, at No. 138 C. Gallares St., Pook Pantalan, has 18 rooms (non-aircon single/double, aircon double rooms with bath), restaurant and offers 24-hour room service.  Tel: 411-3200 & 411-3601.
  • Executive Inn, along J. S. Torralba St., has 21 single/double rooms (non-aircon rooms with common bath and aircon and non-aircon rooms with bath).  Tel: 411-3254.
  • Hats Inn - CPG East Ave. cor Mendoza St. (tel: 411-2427)
  • Kode Inn, at 57 Graham Ave., has aircon rooms with bath and cable TV (de luxe twin/queen, PhP1,500).  It offers tours and 24-hr. housekeeping services. Tel: 235-7251 and 501-8029.
  • La Pensione de San Jose - San Jose St. (tel: 411-2572 and 500-1339)
  • LTS Lodge, at No. 27 CPG Ave., has 20 single/double rooms (aircon and non-aircon rooms with common bath and aircon rooms with bath).  Tel: 411-3082 & 411-3310.
  • Matiga Lodge, at No. 26 P. Burgos St., has non-aircon rooms with bath and a restaurant.  Tel: 411-2066.
  • Mellow Apartelle and Tourist Inn - Dampas Binayran, Dampas District (tel: 411-2211 and 411-5378)
  • Nisa Traveller's Inn, at 2/F, PCI Bank Bldg., No. 14 CPG Ave., has 8 non-aircon single/double rooms with common bath, 6 aircon twin rooms with bath, restaurant, bar and 60-pax meeting room.  Tel: 411-3731.
  • Sea Breeze Inn, along C. Gallares St., has 15 single/double rooms with bath (aircon and non-aircon) and a restaurant.  Tel: 411-3599 & 411-2326.
  • Shores Apartelle - Mansasa District (tel: 411-4734)
  • Sky High Lodge - CPG Ave. (tel: 501-7955)
  • Slim Pension House, at No. 35 F.R. Ingles St., near the Agora Market, has 18 aircon single/double rooms with bath and TV and offers room service.  Tel: 411-2975, 411-5907 and 411-4858.  Fax:  411- 4357.
  • Tamblot Pension House I, at No. 30 Tamblot St., has 2 aircon twin and 4  non-aircon twin rooms with common bath.  Tel: 411-3180 & 411-2254.
  • Taver's Pension House, along Remolador St., Cogon District, has 24 aircon single/double rooms (standard, de luxe, PhP600-1,000).  Tel: 411-4896 and 411-4790.
  • Uptown Lodge, at cor. Miguel Paras and M.H. Del Pilar Sts., has 10 aircon single/double and 6 non-aircon single/double rooms with bath and a 120-pax function room.  Tel: 411-2430, 411-2980 & 235-3166 (Cruztelco).
  • Via Bohol Tourist Inn, along Graham Ave., has aircon rooms with bath and a Thai restaurant.  Tel: 411-5334 and 501-8362-63.
  • Villa Alzhun Tourist Inn, at No. 62 V.P. Inting St., Mansasa Seaside, has aircon rooms with bath and TV, restaurants (Kamayan, Victorio’s Nook), bar (Midway), function hall (Don Alfredo Hall), swimming pool with jacuzzi, souvenir shop and offers airport transfer and tour assistance. Tel: 411-3893 & 411-3883.  Fax: 411-4143.
  • Villa Camilla Pension Haus, along Maria Clara St., near the wharf, has 14 rooms (aircon double with bath and TV, aircon single/double with bath, aircon single/double with common bath, non-aircon with common bath).  Tel: 411-4966. Fax: 411-2868.
  • Vista Lodge, at No. 12-A F. Lesage St., beside Divine Word College, has 8 non-aircon single/double rooms with common bath and 8 single/double aircon rooms with bath.  Tel: 411-3072.
  • Water Paradise Resort - Penaflor St., Taloto District (tel: 411-2122 and 500-1860, fax: 411-2309)
  • Winward Pension House, along Gallares St., has 16 rooms.  Tel: 411-3599.

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